Wrapping Up Advent

Advent - I Am TheophilusIt’s been a great season of Advent here with the growing excitement of celebrating the King Himself coming to live among us.  The musical collective of I Am Theophilus has released songs and videos weekly through the season and has finished on Christmas eve with their take on “Little Drummer Boy.”  Bringing in a new young lead vocal adds an innocence to this classic song.  It’s an appropriate lyric for the day before the biggest birthday ever celebrated by emphasizing that the only present we can truly give the King is ourselves.  “And then He smiles at” us.

Their video is below (don’t get it confused with any ad wordpress may tack on…) and they are giving a free download of all of the songs on the Advent project here for  a limited time.  Enjoy as we celebrate Peace coming to earth.

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I Am Theophilus

I Am Theophilus 975x180The band collective I Am Theophilus has put out their second single and accompanying video in two weeks.  We’re producing more as they attempt to mark each Sunday in the Advent season.

So what is this Theophilus thing?  From their website on BandCamp:

“Luke writes in his gospel, “I too decided to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.”  No one is certain who this person may have been, but in our eyes it is us and you.  With that spirit, I Am Theophilus is a band of ever increasing members singing about, and chasing after “the things we have been taught.”

We’re in agreement here.

Here’s their video this week.  Be sure to go get yourself your free download of the song and give your tired Christmas music playlist a little freshening up.

Want to stay up to date?  Then click the “Follow” button on the side of the page!

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This Just In

Short update from the chair here.  Two releases in the last couple of weeks that we’ve been fortunate enough to have had a hand in.

I Am Theophilus got their act together and now have a page up at BandCamp.  They’re giving away their take on the Christmas hymn “O Come, O Come Emmanual” to the first 200 takers.  Check them out at their new page.  A video follows of their dramatic take on this favorite hymn.

In other news our good friend Brad Irons put out an acoustic version of his past song “Eyes.”  Brad came over and recorded most of the tracks for this version here at Ragg.  Check him out on his site here.

Now back to our programming…

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We’re Back in the Saddle Again!

back-in-the-saddleA few weeks ago we had a water leak in the house and had to shut down the rig and current recording plans.  This weekend we were finally able to move back into the space.  It’s better than ever!  After finally getting that construction done we’ve set up in Studio T (“T” for temporary) and have started the process with the city to get a go ahead on planning out the future 1200 square foot studio out back.

Woo hoo!!!

Pics of the damage, restoration, and the new space follow along with a sneak peak at the final planned location. Continue reading

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It’s not you, it’s me…

sorryThe Apology

I’d love to say that it wasn’t my fault but I can’t.  I’ve just ignored the blog because frankly it’s not a passion of mine.  I’d rather be working on a song, recording a friend, or planning the new studio.

In fact I’d rather mow the yard.  Just sayin’…

The Excuse

But I’m willing to put all this behind us, catch up, and give you a peace offering. Continue reading

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American CSA Songwriters Night – November

ACSA Logo-National-RGB-1502

Another round of free brand spankin’ new music for your thirsty ears!  American Christian Songwriters Association – ACSA – has a performance nights monthly for their members at the Just Off Main Coffeehouse in Grapevine.  CD’s from each of the performers are available for just $5 (I know! Right?!) and proceeds go to help fund the ACSA organization.

It’s a night of five bands/singers who have CD’s available to support ACSA and get the word out about their music.  This month was one of the most eclectic yet with genres from singer/songwriter, to worship, to some heavy rap praise!  Help yourself to a free listen here.  Songs are streaming only, but we’ve got contact information so you can get more from these artists. Continue reading

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American CSA Songwriters Night – October

American Christian Songwriters Association – ACSA – has begun to have a performance night monthly for their members at the Just Off Main Coffeehouse in Grapevine.  Actually it’s been going on for a couple of months but tardy is just how I roll…

It’s a night of five bands/singers who have CD’s available to support ACSA and get the word out about their music.  For those not in the area I thought I’d give you a taste of what you’re missing, and for those in the DFW area I thought I’d give you a reason to come out and hear some of the most eclectic music you can stuff into a couple of hours.  Songs are streaming only, but I’m giving contact information so you can get more from them. Continue reading

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