An Unintended Collaboration Highjacking

Only You” was brought to a collaboration get-together that three of us wanted to try – well two really, but they talked me into it.  I was jonesin’ for something to record.  Everyone brought a couple of songs and some ideas with the plan of throwing them out to the group and see what happened.

When I first heard “Only You” – as sung by the writer – I was struggling to catch on to the rhythm and even the key.  From what I could tell it was contemplative and introspective sounding and didn’t really catch my ear.  A little later in the session I asked if I could see the lyric.  I swear I hadn’t gotten through the second line and I could hear nearly the whole song in my head.  There was one problem – the sound was nothing similar to how it had been sung earlier.  It was upbeat and fairly “pop-py” – upside down from the original.  That poor writer…  I ended up scratching chords down on the lyric sheet and 10 minutes later we had most of a completely different song.

Now you’ve got to understand that the original writer was not accustomed to much collaboration and this was the first time the three of us had tried this together.  I wasn’t sure how the writer took that – me running off with the lyric on a different melody.  Eventually we’ll find out because if they agree to it I plan to put on our next release.  I swear that tune still pops in my head from time to time.  That’s a good sign for a song.

Next up – The Birth of a CD – or – It Ain’t About You!  We’ll talk about how our last release, “Come Unto Me” came about.

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