Why make a CD?

Why make one of these?The answer to this question will influence your enthusiasm for the project when you’re well into it, and may decide if you finish it at all.

People record and produce CD’s for a variety of reasons.  I know “there are as many reasons as there are people”, but I find that in the end it usually boils down to a few:  Songwriters to get their songs “out there”, record companies to make money, bands/artists for both of the above, and then there’s the universal motivation: to say you have a CD – because that’s just really impressive.

I had started writing and producing a solo project in late 2009.  It was to be ala Todd Rundgren or Dave Grohl – in that I wanted to play everything on it.  And although it started with a great deal of enthusiasm, the project very quickly began to stall from a lack of motivation.  That’s pretty sad when it’s your own project…  I kept asking myself the question, “Why am I doing this?”  And after not receiving a worthy answer from the committee of Me, Myself, and I, the project was for all intents abandoned.

Several weeks later I was in that state between sleep and being awake – you know what I’m talking about – and I had a thought, or dream, or whatever you have when you’re in that state.  It was the seed of what ended up being our last project released in August of 2010.  Here was the deal: Gather up some of those who had played, sang, or benefitted from the Families In Crisis ministry in our church, take their songs and skills, make a CD, then sell them to benefit the ministry.  We ended up with five writers eight musicians and singers, along with seven kids who sang on a bonus track.  Each writer waived mechanical rights fees for the recording, Ragg Productions donated all the production, and the artwork was donated by one of the writers.  CD mastering and manufacturing was essentially the only costs.  It turned out to be a compilation of all kinds of different sounds and genres which in turn reflect the spectrum of the people that the ministry serves.

Now although none of these songs have hit the top of the charts (yet), they have provided an income for the ministry and provided an opportunity for the artists to give back to a ministry that has helped them in the past.  For cryin’ out loud, how’s that for motivation to make a CD?!

A streaming full song, a free song download, and song sample streams of the CD “Come Unto Me are still available.  The CD is also available directly from the church website, DigStation, CDBaby, or iTunes.

Next up: What happens when the band disintegrates…

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