Free The Music!

We’re getting ready to start recording a youth band from a small Filipino church here in town.  It’s actually just a few blocks from my house.  This is the beginning of a great connection being made between different parts of the Body of Christ.  This got me thinking:

With the rise of the “praise band” I’m really surprised more small churches aren’t putting out their own CD’s.  I’ll be the first one in line to step up and claim, “That’s not the purpose of a praise band!”  I know.  Their purpose is to lead a time of worship at a gathering of the sons and daughters.  This purpose goes all the way back to the Levites – but we can get into all that another time.  My point is that with the price for decent recording equipment having dropped ridiculously low (check Graham Cochrane’s blog particularly this post) there is an opportunity for every church to invest their talents and have them grow rather than be buried waiting on the Master to return.

There are songs being written and sung in local congregations that go no further than the doors of that particular church.  Sending those ministering songs outside of those walls helps make ties between churches and individuals.  Jesus prayed to the Father to make us one.  Releasing those songs help establish ties with others.  This was the very reason we recorded Pantego Bible Church’s Live Worship CD several years ago.  There were songs written in that church that ministered to that congregation.  The CD was a way to allow those songs to minister to those outside of that church.

For those who don’t have original songs currently sung with the congregation I’d be willing to bet that they are out there, they’re just in hiding.  Every congregation has someone who has had a new song put on their heart – no matter how simple – and it ministers to them.  They may be timid about it or they may just need some encouragement and help to tweak it, finish it, or just get it out there.  As we say in the American Christian Songwriters Association – “Songs Never Written Bless No One.”  I’d encourage you to seek out your songwriters in your congregation.  During our first meeting with the youth praise band we may have found some of these “song hiders”.

Note that just because you haven’t found those original songs doesn’t mean that you can’t get your “sharing CD” started.  Each church has their own unique rendition of popular praise songs.  Why not start with one of those?  Note that to stay legal on this you’ll need to obtain what’s called a mechanical license.  Don’t be scared of the legal side of all this.  It’s now so easy to get the proper permissions to cut a cover of a song through a site called Limelight.  For a small – very small – fee they’ll do all the work for you.  This is what we’ll be using with the youth band on some covers they’ll be tracking.

So why aren’t more small churches doing this?  If it were to just put out a CD then I wouldn’t even be asking the question.  That’s just not a good enough reason to do it.  But if it provides a song that will bless others, raise funds for a ministry, or help connect the different parts of the Body then what are we waiting for? 

If information is the only thing holding you back contact us here and we’ll be happy to help you down the path.

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