An Alternative for Song Mining

Call us crazy, but WE’RE JUST GIVING IT AWAY!

We plan to offer free praise and worship music in an effort to give churches and worship leaders some additional choices than those provided by the current P&W music machine. We also plan to have free charts if you want to play the songs yourself.  No more struggling trying to figure out that cool weird chord…

An Alternative to the Machine

There’s a lot of good music that comes out of the P&W machine, but there’s a lot that just all begins to sound the same.  This is an effort to give some more choices to churches when they are looking for new songs for their service.  We’ll get started with some of the P&W songs off of the last Families In Crisis benefit CD.  We are also currently working on a project with another local church who have agreed to release some of their originals for free consumption.  And we’ll be inquiring with the local chapter of the American Christian Songwriters Association (ACSA) for some new nuggets.  We feel very confident that they’ll have some gems for everyone.  Others are also invited to submit material for consideration.  More on that at a later date.

What’s in it for Joe-in-the-pew?

Even if you’re not a worship leader you benefit too.  All the songs will be free to download here on our music page.  Yes, free.  They’re yours.  No DRM.  Play them, burn them, rip them, give them away to your friends…  We would ask:

  • if there are any songs which move you, to pass those on to your worship leader / pastor / executive-song-picker-outer, and send them our way so we can give them – yes, give them – the song charts for their use in their church.
  • And when you share these songs with someone – and we hope you will – that you steer them to our download site.

How can you just give this stuff away?  What’s the catch?

That’s easy:  we make up for it in volume.

No, just kidding.  The whole point is to get songs out locally that are being written locally.  Most of those writing for the church these days aren’t doing it with any hopes for being paid for it – they just do it because they feel they need to.  And many of those songs are being used in their own local worship services.  That’s where it usually ends.  I had the pleasure to be mentored by a local music minister and songwriter several years ago and still use many of his and other’s songs in our services.  They’ve been a great resource for me and have benefited our congregation over and over.  We think that’s missing right now – a link to great material that is trapped within the walls of a single church.  I’ve looked for a resource like this and just haven’t found anything of quality.  We’re going to try to provide that.

If there is any “catch” to this, it’s that you have the opportunity to buy the CD from the original writer/band/church what-have-you.  There’s no need to do this, but if you’re interested you still can.  We can also put you in touch with the songwriter if you like.

Here’s praying that the Lord is blessed through all of this as He continues to knit together the Body to be one in Him.

Sing a new song!  Play skillfully!  Shout for joy!

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4 Responses to An Alternative for Song Mining

  1. Caroline says:

    Fantastically useful post! Unless, you work for a Baptist uccrhh like me, I suppose. I really agree that praise songs have taken a beating, and short choruses are incredibly utilitarian. Especially when no hymnals or printing services are available (i.e. worshiping in secret), knowing a simple four liner like Here I Am to Worship or I Love You Lord can enable a groups of strangers to sing together.I hope to someday be in a situation to make better use of the kinds of music you link here.

    • Steve says:

      Thanks Caroline. We’d love to be able to help if you’re in a rut. Keep watching the site for some free downloads. We’re slowly getting the page put together and frankly it’s taking a back seat while we’ve got 3 CD projects stacked on top of each other.

  2. Rahul says:

    Definitely a talented group of guys who love God and it shows utorhgh their music! I like a lot of different types (genres) of music and usually in this genre, listening to a whole album tends to bore me, (I usually just buy individual songs and mix it up) I do LOVE good worship songs, and any song that glorifies God. From what I’ve heard of this album it’s great! Definitely one on my list to get (the whole album) It’s very well put together from what I can see, quality and just great music to listen to from a group of very talented guys. It’s awesome to see them using their talent to glorify the one who gave them that gift! Praise God..keep it up 🙂

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks Rahul! Yeah, the “Come Unto Me” CD is probably the most diverse project I’ve worked on. Much more like a collective of 5 different artists. And we broke even a long time ago so the Families In Crisis ministry has really benefited from it.

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