Where Your Treasure Is…

This is where our passion, our treasure is at Ragg Productions – recording groups from smaller churches and Christian singer/songwriters – those without access to the resources commonly found in larger churches.  And this band is a perfect example of  what lights our fire.  Alliance has come out with the CD cover they plan to use on their new project we’re finishing up here.  I think it’s pretty snazzy!  (That means “phat” to you whipper snappers…)  These guys – and girls, ‘er ladies – have been a joy to work with.  Good musicians and just fun to hang with.  This was their first time recording and slugged right through it as they learned the ropes.  I still remember our first session setting up a temporary control room in the nursery overlooking the sanctuary where we recorded drums and bass.  That was a first for me and the grins on their faces were priceless.

Thought I’d post (with their permission) a couple more snippets of early mixes from the project.

Alliance is doing this project as a benefit for their church’s ministries much like Oakcrest Family Church did with their Come Unto Me project.  In fact both churches are similar in size – 100-ish or less – and have similar outreaches to the needy.  From the effort they’ve put into this it’s obvious where their passion is.  I’ve been told that we’ll be able to give away a free download or two here – along with charts – but which ones haven’t been decided yet.  The hope is that you’ll decide to pitch in on this benefit project and help them help others by purchasing the CD.  And it’ll be time to stock up on Christmas presents before long!

First up is a song whose title has just laid peacefully in my heart ever since we began recording it – My God Loves You.  Perfect heartfelt outreach.

Next is the title track So I Will Praise Him, a true fun praise song.  This song was written in a Texas state prison a few years ago.  Sounds like Paul and Silas!

Hope you hear something you like and will support this wonderful church when they release their project on November 3rd.

If you’d like to stay in touch with this project and others just click the “follow” button on the sidebar to the right and we’ll email you updates.

Sing a new song!  Play skillfully!  Shout for joy!

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One Response to Where Your Treasure Is…

  1. Susan says:

    I am so excited for all of you and having heard most of these tunes, I gotta say, “you guys sure have made Daddy so proud!” As an old friend used to say, you are in His grip!

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