American CSA Songwriters Night – October

American Christian Songwriters Association – ACSA – has begun to have a performance night monthly for their members at the Just Off Main Coffeehouse in Grapevine.  Actually it’s been going on for a couple of months but tardy is just how I roll…

It’s a night of five bands/singers who have CD’s available to support ACSA and get the word out about their music.  For those not in the area I thought I’d give you a taste of what you’re missing, and for those in the DFW area I thought I’d give you a reason to come out and hear some of the most eclectic music you can stuff into a couple of hours.  Songs are streaming only, but I’m giving contact information so you can get more from them.

Brandon Hixson

Brandon’s been in this business for a while working with bands Godfueled, Splendor Leaf, and now Racing Gravity.  This is a cut off his “My Heart’s Melody” CD we picked up at the event.  It’s also worth checking out some of his story told in his own words here.  For more music and info on the band hit their website.

Red Letters – By Brandon and Karen Hixson  

Simonia and Archie Milton

Simonia and Archie came to the area from New Orleans and their style shows it.  Simonia’s smokey voice and Archie’s cool keys are a great combination of s-ah-mooth.  They’ve got plenty of great “up” songs but I’m loving this laid back tune off their “Faith Through the Storm” release.  Check their website to get your hands on some more of their music.

Don’t Let the Storms – By Simonia and Archie Milton  

Kimia Penton

Kimia was in the group of the first members of ASCA and has churned out some great songs for us to hear.  A violinist with a great voice is a winning combination for a songwriter to perform her own songs.  She’s got a great knack for pop, but the title track of her “Speechless” CD really caught my ear.  Hear more from Kimia at CD Baby.

Speechless – By Kimia Penton

Brad Irons

Brad was described to me as a nice soft-spoken guy, but that’s awfully hard to believe if you see him live.  The “nice” part is still there, but he’s anything but soft-spoken!  Enthusiasm abounds with this guy live and you can hear it on his “Mercy Street” release.  We heard the title track and I didn’t want you to miss it.  More of Brad on his website.

Mercy Street – By Brad Irons

Joesf Glaude

Joesf starts his set by informing us that at an early age his mother discouraged him from singing.  It’s a joke of course, but he’s just setting us up for some instrumentals played on his Morgan harp-guitar.  Just check this thing out!  More of Joesf’s music can be found on his ReverbNation site.  I found a song he shared with us Saturday from his “Songs from the Pour House” release.  It’s a live CD and the recording doesn’t do justice to the sound of the harp-guitar but you can still remember the thunder in his playing.

A Memory of Thunder – By Joesf Glaude

How’s that for cata-eclecticism!

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One Response to American CSA Songwriters Night – October

  1. Great job spreading the news about ACSA’s live performance night, Steve! I like the way you not only tell us about it but you also show us with the streaming music links.

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