American CSA Songwriters Night – November

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Another round of free brand spankin’ new music for your thirsty ears!  American Christian Songwriters Association – ACSA – has a performance nights monthly for their members at the Just Off Main Coffeehouse in Grapevine.  CD’s from each of the performers are available for just $5 (I know! Right?!) and proceeds go to help fund the ACSA organization.

It’s a night of five bands/singers who have CD’s available to support ACSA and get the word out about their music.  This month was one of the most eclectic yet with genres from singer/songwriter, to worship, to some heavy rap praise!  Help yourself to a free listen here.  Songs are streaming only, but we’ve got contact information so you can get more from these artists.

Roland Kirkland

Great string and synth arrangements normally characterize Roland’s releases and he didn’t disappoint that night.  Here is the title cut from his CD “Stay Here” that he described as coming from an experience he had in Colorado where he felt the peace of the Lord and just wanted to stay and hang with Him.  Roland’s website is currently out of commission but you can contact him directly for more of his work at

Stay Here by Roland Kirkland

Anna Purdum

We’ve been fans of Anna’s singer/songwriter style for a couple of years now and after not seeing her for a while it was a great treat that night.  Anna’s got a great knack for lyrics and getting her point across.  When we asked about her song “Tiny Fingers” Anna grabbed the pad and went crazy writing down verses that the song came from – Gen 2:17, Ex 31:18, Deut 9:10, Jn 8:6, Mk 10:16, Lk 4:10, Mat 15:36, Mat 5:17, Jn 10:28…  there’s a long ink scratch after that.  I think the pad was yanked away from her saying, “I think we get the idea!”  Anna’s music is available on iTunes.  This is from her “One Flesh” CD.

Tiny Fingers by Anna Purdum 


We’re never so bold – or silly – to walk around saying that we like all kinds of music, and although rap isn’t high on the turn-it-up scale, this one is.  I couldn’t tell you if it’s the arrangement or the subject matter that tickles my heck-yeah!-bone.  All I know is that I’m convinced that this is some exciting stuff from Carama.  You can check out more of his stuff on his website.

One God by Carama 

Kevin Wieberg

Kevin is one of the best electric players you’ve never heard.  Great tone and licks.  He’s a big help lending his talents to several ACSA members on their projects and performing live.  Though he is usually playing a bluesy groovin’ electric, this night he graced us with his acoustic and banjo playing.  You can contact Kevin through his ReverbNation website.

Sing Unto the Lord – by Kevin Wieberg 

John Hershenberg

John is known as the big encourager around ACSA.  He’s also the president and co-founder of the organization.  John released his first solo CD project that night.  He and his daughter Julie Marie wrote the songs and John coproduced the project with Bob Parr.  The arrangements and production turned out great!  He has a lot to be proud of.

And he still owes me a link to the available CD!…

You Alone by John Hershenberg and Julie Marie Hershenberg 

That’s it this year for the ACSA coffeehouse get-togethers.  We’ll be back in February.  In the meantime we’re busy here on our next project!  Stay tuned.

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