We’re Back in the Saddle Again!

back-in-the-saddleA few weeks ago we had a water leak in the house and had to shut down the rig and current recording plans.  This weekend we were finally able to move back into the space.  It’s better than ever!  After finally getting that construction done we’ve set up in Studio T (“T” for temporary) and have started the process with the city to get a go ahead on planning out the future 1200 square foot studio out back.

Woo hoo!!!

Pics of the damage, restoration, and the new space follow along with a sneak peak at the final planned location.

The Damage – IMG553

The Clean Up –20131119_045742

The Re-install – 20131122_061443

Back in Business – 20131124_174800

and Ready – 20131124_174827

The 1,200 square foot ugly duckling.  Can’t wait to start!20131122_092935

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One Response to We’re Back in the Saddle Again!

  1. The new flooring in studio “T” looks great, Steve! I’m glad you were able t recover so quickly from the water damage. What projects are you planning on recording there?

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